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Replacement Media

The MicroPower Guard media pads trap and fuse air borne contaminants which will reduce airflow and could cause damage to the heating and cooling system if the media pads are not changed regularly. Your MPG Filter Pad should be changed every three months from the date of installation in order to protect your home and equipment. Following this schedule will ensure that you are protected by the Lifetime Warranty if your MPG fails to perform properly under normal residential use during the warranty period.

Use only genuine replacement media pads purchased from an authorized MicroPower Guard® dealer to validate your lifetime warranty.

Replacement Walkthrough

Learn how to replace your MicroPower Guard Filter Pad with confidence.

How to replace a MicroPower Guard Media Pad

  • 1 Turn OFF the POWER to the Furnace/Air Handler and Fan switch.
  • 2 UNPLUG power supply cord from the air cleaner.
  • 3 Unlatch and open the unit.
  • 4 Remove the old media pad.
  • 5 Position the new replacement pad, close and re-latch.
  • 6 Replace air cleaner into the filter rack or grille.
  • 7 Plug in the power cord.
  • 8 Switch the Power back ON.


Consider having a garbage bag handy for the dirty pad. A damp (not a wet) cloth or wipe will make quick work of any dust build up on the screen or frame.

Locate A MicroPower Guard Authorized Dealer

Our Customer Care Team will gladly direct you to an authorized dealer in your area.