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Beware Of Fakes!

This is the Official website of the MicroPower Guard® electronic air cleaner. Consumers please beware of "knock-off" and "fake" media brands shown below. We cannot guarantee the air cleaner will work properly if any other type of media is used. Therefore, warranty is omitted.

When non-official MicroPower Guard media is used, no matter what the makers claim, we are forced to decline your Lifetime Warranty, as it’s use will compromise the MPG’s operation and impair the quality of air you expect for your family.

To make sure your electronic air cleaner is working efficiently, we do not suggest you use anything but MicroPower Guard media. DO NOT WASH THE MEDIA. If the air cleaner itself is extremely dirty, take a damp cloth to wipe off the screen and wash your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap. Please make sure the screen is unplugged before you do anything to it.

In addition, please note websites selling “knock-offs” may illegally use the “MicroPower Guard” registered trademark to get your attention. It is used often in combination with qualifications like “equivalent to” to hide the fact it is fake and unauthorized for use in your MicroPower Guard.

Knock-Off Examples:

What to do if you have been sold a "KNOCK-OFF"

If you have discovered you have a "knock-off" MicroPower Guard, please take action by taking the following steps:

  • Email a copy of your payment invoice showing the name of the company your ordered from, along with a picture of the knock-off product to: BuyMax will confirm whether you were sold fake media, and forward the information to the legal department. This will help us fight "knock-off" companies both on the internet, and on a local level.
  • Call your credit card company to void the transaction.
  • File a complaint with the company that sold it to you.
  • File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or your State’s Consumer Protection Division.